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Light Magic Team Decor Symphony (Our 4 lights will guide us to the Winter Musical) newest Club!
SayuriFC New Character (A beautiful stone shining in the night luckiest of days) CloverJewel Club!
MakotoFC New Character (Tic Tac! The eternal flow of time In Winter ) TimeSnowDrop Club!
HanamiFC New Character (The purple heart is the symbol of faith a noble heart ) GrapeBeauty Club!
SuzukoFC New Character (The Orange heart is the Symbol Bravery a clean-cut match) CitrusMarch Club!
The New Crossover of Frozen and Wreck-It-Ralph 2 New Appears Danball Senki OC Girls Like W and Wars with New Member Joining In The Team Lucky Girls Type Avatar 01 Can To Fight Polybius as Frozen Warrior with her Friends From W and Wars Special!
AikoFC New Character (The Sweet Taste of Protection brighten the heart) ChocolatePenta Club!
I Hope All My Special Fan Art of Danball Senki of Love Like W and Wars For All LBX Friends with Our Musical Winter Special.
Team Pretty Diamond Decor Symphony ( The Winter Musical heart is the heart of everyone beat of Winter Love)
AkariFC New Character (The big love spreading throughout the world purifiying energy) LovelyAletheia Club!
IonaFC New Character (strumming the basic miracle of music Flames of Courage) OctaveRose Club!
HonokaFC New Character (Playing My Words own thriving in the flames) VestaLyric Club!
KiyoshiFC New Character (Strumming the music for fun with the trees) DjWillow Club!
JoannaFC New Character (Playing the rocking lives through the heat) SummerRaphsody Club!
Team Dream Lovix Decor Symphony (Resonate! The beat of love Musical Winter) The Newest Club!
HirokoFC New Character (Twinkling and Shining, the light of the future upon the earth) HappyBlossom Club!
KiyokoFC New Character (The green Noble of tranquility A noble Heart) MintBeauty Club!
EmilyFC New Character (The yellow heart is the sign of prayers,Rock,Paper,Scissors) PeacePine Club!
HimeFC New Character (The blue wind dancing in the sky sea breeze) PrincessMarine Club!
Team Aurora Winter Decor Symphony (The Aurora shining all over the world Heart Musical Winter) The Newest Club!
MikiFC New Character (A Vivid Wish,Creating Hope Love) LovelyHeart Club!
ElisaFC New Character (The Beautiful Swan of the Lake Sea Brezze) GraceMarine Club!
AguriFC New Character (The light rushing throughout the Galaxy Blade) NovaSword Club!
UraraFC New Character (The Orange Heart is the Symble of Courage Prayers) PineMandarin Club!
Team Blizzard Sky Decor Symphony (Our beautiful Fourth hearts will soar Musical Winter) The Newest Club!
SeiraFC New Character (Hearts of light and wills of light for them all to become one Love) Shiny Luminous Heart Club!
NozomiFC New Character (Budding and blooming with new life evening sun) RosebudDawn Club!
AoiFC New Character (The snow, falling and gathering! A noble Heart Sea Brezze) BeautyMarine Club!
KaedeFC New Character ( Strumming the tranquil hope) RhythmBerry Club!
Team Elegant Icicle Decor Symphony (Happiness influx, charged with glee Musical Heartbeat Icicle) The Newest Club!
SoraFC New Character (The Heart card of love Sunrise) SunriseAce Club!
YurikaFC New Character ( Intense Courage! A straight-out Bout Dancing in the heaven) MarchSharon Club!
ElisaneFC New Character (Sparkling and Glittering! Rock,Paper,Scissors Sea Brezze) PeaceMarineClub!
EmyliaFC New Character (The light of flourishing on the Earth Sunrise) HoneySunrise Club!
Team Royal Winter Decor Symphony (Infinite power, infinite love of Musical Winter) The Newest Club!
MizukiFC New Character (The green Noble of tranquility never wilts) MintEvergreen Club!
SakuraFC New Character (The glittering star in the dark of night darkness of night) WishEventide Club!
ErikaFC New Character (Strumming the Amazing sound floats in the air) JazzNature Club!
InoriFC New Character (The Brown Heart is the symbol of Kindness Fruit of Tomorrow) CoconutFruity Club!
ShionFC New Character (The Orange Heart is the proof of good Fortune beautifying the horizons ) MangoScape Club!
The New Maiden with Power Heart of LBX and Tenkai Knights Also Connection to W,Reverse,Wars,Rose Become Together As One Newest Team Called Emerald Blizzard Into Ambrosia LBX and Tenkai Player Have New Identity Card Heroes In Epic Mickey.
Name:Ella Breeze
Birthday:27 September 1996
Special Skill:LBX Battle and LBX Strider Customize Also Make New Customize Good LBX Weapons Special,New Tenkai Knights Customize and Weapons new Customize.
LBX/Tenkai Knights:She Also Have LBX by her Friends like Yuki-Onna change Into Customize Name EmeraldRose Have New Weapons EmeraldRose Edge and have New Knights by Mr White gave to Ella Breeze New Custom Knights Name Emerald Snow Leoprad with new Power Storm of Ice also Her Weapon Leopard Blade Appeards In Epic Mickey Special.
Work:Also She Have worked In for LBX and Tenkai Knights To Make New Customize with Weapon Too Helping Mr White and Takuya Uzaki Called Grandfather of Shawn Yamano Ki In Epic Mickey Special Appeards!
Maiden Form:Ella Breeze Maiden Dress her Combine By Doki Doki Like Cure Sword,Suite Like Cure Beat,HappinessChange Like Cure Fortune When She Transformation Musical Palette with her Gaject Poct Musical Palette Into Costume Maiden Called EmeraldRose Have SilverGreen petal Rose-like bracelet Silver Heart Bows on her left wrist and an Tenkai opera-length BrightGreen Medium glove with her LoveAmbrosiaBrace on the right,She Have Long Medium Boots with BrighGreenBows with her few Silver outlines Lovix Bows,She Have Uniform as Maiden EmeraldRose she have Rare Dress with Left Side Bows and Musical Palette Heart Brooch Bows with her Gaject Poct,with her Left Side Ponytail with Also Lovix Bows Braid her Assesories Bandana Ambrosia Butterfly Angel with Bows Her hair Change Into BrightGreenSilver of EmeraldRose Also Her Lovix Heart Brooch Bows,Also she have Left Side Bows with her Heart Lovix,with her Lovix Heart shaped earrings,Also in her Back Dress have Cape Resemble Like Knight and Strider LBX and Tenkai Knights Also Vanetta Remind W,Wars,Reverse,Wars,Rose,Beni New Style of EmeraldRose,Also Her Eye's Color Change Into BrightGreenSilver Also Called Maiden EmeraldRose.
Maiden Three Form:Heartbeat Storm Form Harmony Shower (Color Pink) Called LBX W/Reverse and Shining Blade Form Music Attack (Color Bright Blue) Called LBX Wars/Rose Last One Spiral Hurricane Form Sonata Dream (Color Bright Red) Called Tenkai Knights In Fight Epic Mickey Villain with New Trap.
Maiden Sign:unmatched Emerald LBX and Tenkai Knights Remind Rex Hiyama,Mizel,Seredy Kreisler,Kia Haromo,Hoshihara Hikari,Beni.
Maiden Mark:Emerald Rose Sword
Maiden Glow Trail:Emerald Blade
Maiden Mark:Emerald Sword Rose
Maiden Ability:Weapon Change LBX Player and Tenkai Player
Maiden Items:LoveAmbrosiaBrace Change evolved version LoveEmeraldBrace and Ambrosia Fitting Mirror,Love Musical Palette New Change evolved version Love Emerald Palette,Ambrosia Coord Set,Winter LBX/Tenkai Knights Bracelet Rope Decor!
Maiden Power Up:LBX Player Lovix W and Reverse & LBX Player Cresendo Wars and Rose Also Tenkai Player Snow Angel In Appeards Fight Agnese.
Maiden Gemstone:Jade perdant Called Fortune Magic Happiness of LOVE her Magic Change Into Bows In her Back Necklace BrightGreenSilver with her Gemstone Jade perdant In her Form EmeraldRose.
Phrase:The Lonely Heart of Meldey LBX and Tenkai Player,EmeraldRose!
Colors:Bright Green and Light Green,Silver,White.
Maiden Rivals:Agnese Maria Caruso and Christian Naselli
Maiden Power:Weapon of LBX Player and Cresendo,Lovix Dance,Zodiac Almost Like Leo,Libra,Virgo,Pisces,Aquarius,Aries,Scorpio,Capricorn,Sagittarius,Taurus,Cancer,Gemini Dance of Light Function and Titan Mode Light Make All Become Powerful,Also Make The Dream with MoonStar Dance Almost Wake Up your Dream Special Attack Called LBX and Tenkai Knights Heart of Player Become Snow Angel In Appeards VS Agnese!
Maiden Weapons:LBX/Tenkai Knights Weapon can Mix in LoveAmbrosiaBrace Change Person Heart with new One Tenkai Player Heart Into New Weapon.
Friends/ Best Friends:Amelia Kawamura,Safforn Yamano Ki,Naomi Hishikawa,Miki Megumi,Kiera Komachi,Mizuki Akimoto,Seira Aida,Sora Higashi,Akari Omori,Karen Aoshima Kawamura,Hiroko Oozora Omori,Saki Nakamoto,Suzuko Mizaki,Leader Daughter Fortune and Leader Son Mysterious The New Legendary Tenkai Knights Coming Soon.
Maiden Type:LBX and Tenkai Warrior
Likes:Rex Hiyama,Mizel,Seredy Kreisler,Kia Haromo,Hoshihara Hikari,Beni Can Make His Heartbeat for Power of Love.
Dislikes:Agnese She Is Very biological Friends!
Mascots Pet Companion:Winter Uni and Aisha,Lupe Have New Name Minty,Lorie,Macho In Epic Mickey Special Appeards.
Maiden Element:The Blade of Heart LBX and Tenkai Player.
Maiden LBX/Tenkai Knights Mix:Can Change Person LBX and Tenkai Player Touching Other Heart Depending on the color LBX and Tenkai Player,the effects of the attack are different Attack Function and Titan Mode Also The Player From LBX Called W and Reverse,Wars,Rose Special.
Maiden Musical Palette Heshin: EmeraldRose Translate LBX and Tenkai Heartbeat of Love Musical Winter!
Maiden Seasons:Winter and Musical can Freeze The Villain 5Minutes!
Maiden Team:Emerald Blizzard Have Her New Called Ambrosia LBX and Tenkai Player with Best Team!
(Crystal's Team Decor Symphony) Leader Amelia Kawamura/Amelia Calfuray,Second Senseria KI/Hannah Mapiya,Third Melissa Rose/Merissa Halona,Fourth Kaori Hanasaki,Five Mizutani Aika,Six Jen Kaidou,Seven Hairo New Group Of LBX W/Reverse Special List 1.
(Wars's Team Star Symphony) Leader Saki Nakamoto and Second Mai Sakurai,Third Hoshihara Hikari,Fourth Yuzuriha Yuki new Group of LBX Wars/Rose Special List 2.
(Music's Team Decor Symphony) Leader Karen Aoshima Kawamura,Second Belissa Yamano Ki,Third Joanne Kaidou Rose,Fourth Yurisa Haibara Hanasaki New Group LBX Wars/Rose Special List 3.
(Reverse's Team Decor Symphony) Leader Kiera Komachi,Second Kia Haromo,Third Miyo Alora New Group of LBX W/Reverse Special List 4.
(Rose's Team Decor Symphony) Leader Naomi Hishikawa,Second Koto Kurokawa,Third Michi Aono,Fourth Ellen Erika,Five Tsubasa Minamino New Group of LBX Wars/Rose Special List 5.
(Magic Light's Team Decor Symphony ) Leader Sayuri Hojo,Second Makoto Misumi,Third Hanami Kaoru,Fourth Suzuko Minazuki New Group of LBX Wars/Rose Special List 6.
(Pretty Diamond's Team Decor Symphony ) Leader Akari Omori,Second Iona Kenzaki,Third Honoka Madoka,Fourth Kiyoshi Aoki Fourth,Five Joanna Kaios New Group of LBX W/Reverse Special List 7.
(Team Dream Lovix's Decor Symphony) Leader Hiroko Oozora Omori,Second Kiyoko Kousuke Komachi,Emily Kaios,Fourth Hime Mito New Group Of LBX Wars/Rose Special List 8.
(Team Aurora Winter Decor Symphony) Leader Miki Megumi,Second Elisa Kitaoji,Third Aguri Shibuki,Fourth Urara Kasesawa New Group of LBX Wars/Rose Special List 9.
(Team Blizzard Sky Decor Symphony) Leader Seira Aida,Second Nozomi Madoka,Third Aoi Kise,Fourth Kaede Nakamori New Group of LBX Wars/Rose Special List 10.
(Team Elegant Icicle Decor Symphony) Leader Sora Higashi,Second Yurika Tanatoki,Third Elisane Himesato,Fourth Emylia Shirayuki New Group of LBX W/Reverse Special List 11.
(Team Royal Winter Decor Symphony) Leader Mizuki Akimoto,Second Erika Yamabuki,Third Inori Shirayuki,Fourth Shion Yuuki,Five Sakura Breeze New Group of LBX Wars/Rose Special List 12.
(Team Knight Frost Decor Symphony) Leader Safforn Yamani Ki,Second Markus Kaidou Rose,Third Katoru Haibara Hanasaki,Fourth Aero Oozora Omori,Five Mizel,Six Kristoff Kousuke Komachi,Seven Aaron Aoshima Kawamura New Group of LBX Wars/Rose Legendary Special List 13.
(Team Beauty Blizzard Decor Symphony) Leader Suzuko Mizaki,Second Ichigo Reika,Third Lyre Sasori,Fourth Mia Yayoi,Five Hoshiko Yuko New Group of Cold Knights Special List 14.
(Team Fortune Musical Decor Symphony) Leader and Her Team Coming Soon with New Group Next Tenkai Legendary Daughter Arctic and Ice Age Knights List 15.
(Team Mysterious Knights Decor Symphony) Leader and His Team Coming Soon with New Group Next Tenkai Legendary Son Newest Knights Special List 16.
(Team Emerald Blizzard Decor Symphony) Leader Ella Breeze (Idol/civilian) and EmeraldRose (Maiden Form) In with LBX and Tenkai Player Friends Amelia Kawamura/Amelia Calfuray,Saki Nakamoto,Karen Aoshima Kawamura,Kiera Komachi,Naomi Hishikawa,Sayuri Hojo,Akari Omori,Hiroko Oozora Omori,Miki Megumi,Seira Aida,Sora Higashi,Mizuki Akimoto,Safforn Yamano Ki,Suzuko Mizaki,Leader Daughter Fortune and Leader Son Mysterious The New Legendary Tenkai Knights Coming Soon,Her Group Become Really complete 16 Ambrosia Player Together Can Fight Epic Mickey Villain.
Info/Trivia:-EmeraldRose Style Base on Cure Fortune Also Have Her Theme Songs In Epic Mickey When She Fight Agnese!
-EmeraldRose Second Theme Songs 5Minutes on Epic Mickey Also Have Her Team Emerald Blizzard Decor Symphony Called Ambrosia Player In Battle of Agnese When She Use New Weapon Attack Called LBX and Tenkai Knights Her OC Helping Team Up For Fight Agnese.
-EmeraldRose and SapphireNoiseCross Meet Accel Maiden When she Needs Help Her Team Also Weak Because she Fight Agnese.
-EmeraldRose Also Have with her Team Called Emerald Blizzard Like LBX and Tenkai Player OC Together Can Fight The Evil In Epic Mickey with her biological Friends Agnese!
-EmeraldRose Also Have with All Friends of Heart Called Internasional Maidens Everbody Have Newest Style Like New Combine with Special Heartbeat of Player Power Can Fight The Villain In Disney Epic Mickey.
-EmeraldRose Also Have Newest Power Weapon Like When Jin Kaidou and Ceylan Jones Can Use with Triton and Tributon Her Color Change Blue Weapon She Use LoveAmbrosiaBrace In Battle of Agnese


Inazuma-101's Profile Picture
Ambrosia Butterfly Angel*
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Favorite Character of Inazuma Eleven GO & Danball Senki/Danball Senki W,with Special
OC,I'm Dream To Make Danball Senki OC Character,I Gave Name Senseria Ki The Grandaugter Of Tiny Orbit & Melissa Rose Become New Friends Ban's Team And Hiro's Team, Amelia Kawamura Become Lead Of Crystal Team,Kaori Hanasaki Jointed Become Crystal Team,Aika,Jen,Hairo Joining in the Crystal Team,Sorry My Character Not Finished Yet I'm Still In Study Proses,I'm Still Study Diligently So I Dream To Become Like Best Yellow Cherry To Make Special DA And Tumblr,Pixiv,TEGAKI,Thank You For Supporting inazuma-101 Studios,I'm Author, My Name Is Ambrosia Butterfly Angel Become New DA,My New Name Love Cherry.
Amelia Kawamura
Senseria KI
Kaori Hanasaki
Jessica Kaios
Tsukiko Akira
Melissa Rose
Ami Kawamura
Joy Mitarashi
Jen Kaidou
Kia Haromo
Kiera Komachi
Miyo Alora
Nanasaki Ai
Yuzuriha Yuki
Hoshihara Hikari
Saki Nakamoto
Mai Sakurai
Karen Aoshima Kawamura
Belissa Yamano Ki
Joanne Kaidou Rose
Yurisa Haibara Hanasaki
Shinonome Neo
Naomi Hishikawa
Koto Kurokawa
Michi Aono
Ellen Erika
Tsubasa Minamino
Asuka Kojou
Mizutani Aika
AI Kaki
Ran Hanasaki
Etsuko Chou
Ahiru Matsuki
Lily Shane
Chio Subaru
Ban Yamano
Jin Kaidou
Yuuya Haibara
Kazuya Aoshima
Hiro Oozora
Daiki Sendou
Kirito Kazama
Kousuke Kamiya
Favorite best couples!
My Favorite Couples Special!
Special Cafe Style of Inazuma Eleven Go & Danball senki/Danball Senki W special!
Special Newest Club, The Newest Club Special!
KazuyaXAmelia Club The Music Snow Seasons/Romance Love Cantabile!
BanXSenseria Club The Music Snow Wind/Petal Love Melody!
JinXMelissa Club The Music Snow Moon Eclipse Light/Water Love Harmony!
YuyaXKaori Club The Music Snow Fire/Dusk Love Tune!
ArataXSaki Club The Music Snow Bloom/Light Love Mix Heart!
MurakuXMai Club The Music Snow Egret/Windy Love Mix Heart!
CrystalHeart Club The Love Snow of Seasons/Romance Cantabile Music!
CrystalStar Club The Love Snow of Wind/Petal Melody Music!
RoyalCrystal Club The Love Moon Eclipse Light/Water Harmony Music!
CrystalTune The Love Snow of Fire/Dusk Tune Music!
CrystalBloom The Love of Snow Musical Mix Heart!
CrystalEgret The Love of Snow Musical Mix Heart!
Crystal Team Decor Symphony (The Beat Of Love Our Musical Winter) Newest Club!
AmeliaFC New Character (Overflowing Love of Seasons) SeasonsHeart Club!
SenseriaFC New Character (The Light of Wisdom Air) StarDiamond Club!
MelissaFC New Character (The Blade of Courage MoonBlade) SwordMoon Club!
KaoriFC New Character (Summoning the soft sunset shaded sky) SunsetTune Club!
MizutaniFC New Character (Sunny Warmth of cold sky) SnowRosetta Club!
JenFC New Character (Playing The Spirit's midnight storm) ShadowBeat Club!
HairoFC New Character (Playing The Inspiring rays of the sun) SunshineSong Club!
Wars Team Star Symphony (Dual Spiritual Power Of Musical Heartbeat Winter) Newest Club!
SakiFC New Character (The gleaming golden flower of Moon Eclipse) BloomBlade and
( The full moon in the sky of Sliver Moonlight) LightRoses Club!
MaiFC New Character (The sparkling silver wing of Love Air) EgretSky and (The scented wind on the earth of breezes) WindyIris Club!
HikariFC New Character (The blue spring of intelligence of Waves) AguaAmphitrite Club!
YuzurihaFC New Character (The Blazing of love falling and gathering A flames Heart) AceEos Club!
Music Team Decor Symphony (Our beautiful fourth hearts Musical Winter) Newest Club!
KarenFC New Character (The great power of hope Love) DreamHeart Club!
BelissaFC New Character (Strumming the Holy Light Breezes) IrisDiamond Club!
JoanneFC New Character (The Purple rose is my secret emblem MoonBlade) SwordRose Club!
YurisaFC New Character (The soft Heart that glows like the evening sun) DawnTune Club!
Reverse Team Decor Symphony ( Dual Aurora Wave of Musical Winter) Newest Club!
KieraFC New Character (The green Heart of tranquility colorful blossoms ) MintChloris Club!
KiaFC New Character (The red flame of passion blazing flames) RougeEos Club!
MiyoFC New Character (The effervescent scent of lemon goddess) LemonadeMuse Club!
Rose Team Decor Symphony (Resonate Our musical Winter Our beautiful Heartbeat) Newest Club!
NaomiFC New Character (The crimson heart is the proof of noble happiness ) PassionIce Club!
KotoFC New Character (Winter's perfume is the warm mint-chocolate essence of truth ) AzaleaChaleur Club!
MichiFC New Character (the green heart is the symbol of harmony miracle of music) OctaveKiwi Club!
EllenFC New Character (The blue heart is the symbol of hope dark of night) WishBerry Club!
TsubasaFC New Character (Shining Spinels stands for Leadership sweet to the taste ) HoneySpinel Club!
Emerald/Ruby/Peridot/Turquoise Team Decor Symphony (The Meldey Heart Of LBX Player) StarRoyaltRose (The Summoning Heart Of LBX Player) BlitzRoses (The Soft Heart Of LBX Player) ClefRoses (The HeartBeat Of LBX Player) LovelyRoses Newest Club!
BlueCatsCoffe Club The Newest Cafe!
Level-5 OC All Stars DX Dance Newest Club!
Metabots And Danball Senki Unite Club!

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